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APIM - Pre Maturity

In Pre Maturity phase there have to be done all steps that set up the improvement process and gain management and stakeholders attention. Whole below description is made based on [1].


Launch (get resources, acceptance of management and set team)

In that phase we need to gain attention and commitment of executive management to ensure proper resources and budget for APIM work. Presentation for executive management should be done during first kick-off meeting.

In this phase should be also created improvement team. New team have to do some tasks form pre-maturity phase, to check if team members are really involved and understand improvement goals. The second kick-off meeting will be great idea for that. APIM method is based on agile methodology, so there is need to quickly make changes. To do that improvement team have to be aimed with authority and have the power to make decision and changes on its own.

To sum up main objectives in the LAUNCH phase are:

  • Executive Approvals
  • Task Authorisation
  • Executive Steering Committee
  • Initial Resources/Appointments
  • Kick-off Meeting(s)

Planning (set basic strategy)

APIM based on agile, so planning in this case is very important, but at the beginning should provide basic strategy.
An Action Plan should consist:

  • Process improvement goals,

  • Major milestones and related tasks,

  • Measures to show status and effectiveness (remember KISS!) ,

  • Resources and meetings to the team,

  • Initial risks,

  • Clear team responsibilities,

  • Budget and how organisation handle this issue,

  • Completion criteria.

There should be done two kick-off meetings:

  1. Meeting with mid-level management to gain their commitment and ensure that process improvement will be done.
  2. Meeting for entire organisation to ensure that everyone in organisation understand goals and provide right mindset about improvement work.

When there is overall plan, goals are set and everyone in organisation understand proposed improvements, there can be launched phase two: Maturity.

[1] Deb Jacobs. 2005. Accelerating Process Improvement Using Agile Techniques (1st ed.). Auerbach Publications, Boston, MA, USA.