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Needs and expecations [Bergman]

When we create product or service we have to name the customers needs and expectations. But what are those needs and expectations? What do we mean by that?

According to Bergman [1] we have to remember that needs and expectations are two different things. We don't really need that we expect and on the other hand we need something but we don't expect that this will be done. For example some company want to feature (expect to be done), but people who use this product don't really need this feature.

In this case we could think about needs in two different perspectives: personal needs and social needs. First one refers to the basic things that everyone should provide, like warm, food, sleep. The second are relative and refers to the cultural situation, what people around me have or I think that have (commercial in this case have a lot of influence).

[1] Bo Bergman and Bengt Klefsjö, Quality: From Customer Needs to Customer Satisfaction. McGraw-Hill, 1994.