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Twelve principles of TQM by Jacobs

Twelve principles of TQM by Jacobs [1]

  1. Quality can and must be managed.
  2. Everyone has a customer and is a supplier.
  3. Processes, not people, are the problem.
  4. Every employee is responsible for quality.
  5. Problems must be prevented, not just fixed.
  6. Quality must be measured.
  7. Quality improvements must be continuous.
  8. The quality standard is defect free.
  9. Goals are based on requirements, not negotiated.
  10. Life cycle costs, not front end costs.
  11. Management must be involved and lead.
  12. Plan and organize for quality improvement.

In another words:

  1. MANAGE quality
  2. you are a SUPPLIER and have a CUSTOMER
  3. Don't blame people, BLAME the PROCESS
  4. EVERYONE should care about quality
  5. PREVENTION, not only fixing
  6. MEASURE quality
  7. CONTINUOUS improvement
  9. You CAN'T NEGOTIATED goals that based on REQUIREMENTS
  10. Think about COST of life cycle, not about frond and end cost
  11. Care about management - it have to involved and lead
  12. Quality improvement is also process that have to plan and organize.

[1] Deb Jacobs. 2005. Accelerating Process Improvement Using Agile Techniques (1st ed.). Auerbach Publications, Boston, MA, USA.